Quote of the day

31 August 2018

For the one whose consciousness has matured
through marinating in Self-contemplation and inquiry,
just to hear my guiding words is enough.
Their minds become easily merged with the heart.
In a flash all is brought back to silent awareness
—the one Source of all.
It all depends on the depth of one’s internal hearing.
In the case of a highly developed soul
such as Sri Ramakrishna of Kolkata,
just in hearing the name of the goddess Kali uttered
with reverence, his mind would immediately
enter the heart.
He would remain in that state unaware of
the outer world,
returning gradually to the normal state of
consciousness only after long periods of time.
So, in just hearing,
‘O Mother Kali, enchanting Mother of all,’
his entire being would become absorbed
in the Supreme.
What would it take to let your mind live inside your heart?