Quote of the day

31 May 2023

Often, in the very moment the flower
of pure consciousness is opening,
some fear or resistance comes 
to the surface of your being, 
along with a sense of being totally lost.
But something discerns this
to be not the old kind of lost feeling.
Not the same old fear and confusion.
There is something fresh 
and exciting about it;
it is like you are on the cliff of the universe.
You feel you are being pushed 
to the edge of your life,
there’s nowhere to hide.
Something dares you to stand 
on the cliff’s edge of your very existence
and feel the chilled air of infinite possibilities.
This air, the spirit, 
you never dared to breathe before.
It is like your first real breath, 
and perhaps your last.
You’re between time and timelessness.
In this moment you cannot fathom 
what lies ahead of you.
Facing the great abyss, you find yourself
crying out, ‘Here I am, take me.’
And then you plunge into the ocean 
of your own Source.