Quote of the day

4 February 2020

There is only the one Self,
unchanging, unmoving, uncreated,
imperishable, timeless.
It is ever-perfect and complete.
It is without parts.
It neither contemplates, reflects, aspires,
renews nor upholds itself.
It is not resting.
It is not a state, nor is it in-between states.
It is not the gap between thoughts.
It is not a space between things.
It does not hide, nor can it be hidden.
It cannot be seen. It cannot be touched.
There is nothing that can reach it or become it.
Self-knowing, yet without knowledge.
Self-realised, yet without mind.
Beyond sin and beyond righteousness.
Being beyond being and non-being.
Unfathomable, unconquerable, ungraspable.
Who but itself can know this?