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Sahaja Express is a powerful self-realisation support for earnest and dedicated seekers of Truth.

This doorway into daily life with Mooji invites you to walk alongside him as he engages with his more mature students. Take this opportunity to move more deeply and swiftly into the ultimate realisation of the Self and be timelessly happy and complete.

Sahaja Express is not for the merely curious, but for those who are ready and destined to go all the way.

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The term ‘Sahaja’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the natural state of being’. Sahaja also refers to Monte Sahaja, the Centre for Self Realisation in Portugal where Moojibaba and some of his students live.

Many potent talks arise spontaneously wherever the Master is prompted to speak and make clear the path to Truth. These talks have a raw, immediate and captivating potency that goes straight to the Heart.

Sahaja Express is a true friend who will inform, guide, support and accompany you all the way home.

Spontaneous Talks with Moojibaba

Latest Satsangs

At least 12 new, never-before-seen talks with Moojibaba each month. Imbibing these talks is like walking side-by-side with a living master, being in real-time with what he lives to share each moment.

Satsang Library

Access to a growing archive of over 1400 powerful video and audio recordings. Includes spontaneous talks, full-length Satsangs, silent sittings, and other special offerings. This library of talks is organised into simple and intuitive collections based on topics, themes, events, and more.

Sahaja Express Live

Broadcasts of special offerings that vary throughout the year, Sahaja Express live currently features:

‘Chant Sahaja’ ~ Thursday to Saturday

Authentic, traditional chants and Bhajans from the Monte Sahaja Sangha. A joyful call and response chanting and singing of different names of God—the Supreme Self. The ancient Krishna Mahamantra, considered to be a potent aid to spiritual liberation is at the heart of this offering.

Weekly selection of spontaneous Satsangs

Tune into daily live broadcasts from Monte Sahaja

Unlimited access to entire Sahaja Express video library


The Sahaja Express collections offer powerful talks and subtle explorations on various themes and topics that may arise while deepening in Satsang, as well as series such as Master Pointings, Wow! Satsangs, and more.


Sahaja Express includes access to a selection of past retreats. These retreats are a very rich offering of timeless Satsangs for those who want to dive deeply into Mooji's pointings and their own Self.

Support the Worldwide sharing of Satsang

Sahaja Express is a heart offering from Mooji, the Sangha & Monte Sahaja—the Centre for Self Realisation in Portugal. In turn, the proceeds greatly support the Centre and the continued outpouring of Satsang with Moojibaba being freely shared worldwide.

We are touched and grateful for your ongoing support.

Thank you.

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