Sahaja Precepts

Essential guidance for all who are in search of that which is the highest and most true within themselves.

The Sahaja Precepts are inspired by our spiritual teacher, Moojibaba, who is always in service to the upliftment of all. His light, wisdom and love guide the Sangha and Monte Sahaja, the Center for Self-Realisation in Portugal. Sahaja refers to 'the natural state of being' and all who are drawn to these pointings are invited to take time to read, digest and assimilate them.

Let your hearts be filled with gratitude to God. Know that grace produces the fruits of wisdom, kindness, humility and self-surrender; these quicken the journey Home. Know also that a life of discipline, Self-contemplation and prayer dissolves the ego-identity. Be open and compassionate towards all, knowing that every action expressed with love, wisdom and devotion to the Supreme One is in service to your own Liberation and to the happiness and spiritual upliftment of all beings.