Monte Sahaja Retreats 2017

Silent Retreats with Mooji at Monte Sahaja

19 – 29 July 2017
9 – 19 August 2017

When you discover the here which is beyond place,
and the now which is beyond time,
then you will be unable to doubt
your limitless freedom.

~ Mooji

About the Retreats

Moojibaba invites all seekers who are deeply called by the fire of Truth for the silent retreat this summer at Monte Sahaja. This sacred land is imbued with the presence of the awakened Self and is a most auspicious place for one to deepen in the natural silence of Being and attain complete Self-realisation. Here, all can immerse themselves in the humble yet powerful atmosphere of a living Ashram, alive in the presence of the Master.

These are advanced retreats and are intended for those beings who have already attended at least one satsang event with Moojibaba, either physically or online. As space is very limited and to give everyone the opportunity of being in Satsang with Moojbaba in the unique environment of Monte Sahaja, it is possible to attend only one of these retreats.

After the first welcome day of the retreat, there will be five days of formal satsang with two Satsangs each day. These offer the opportunity to bring forward any questions, doubts and testimonies for all to benefit from Mooji’s wisdom, presence and direct, loving guidance. There will then be two contemplative days which are immensely valuable and powerful to allow time to deepen in introspection and to truly assimilate the pointings and guidance shared by Moojibaba. No formal satsang will be scheduled during these two special days, but there will be activities to support this ‘marinating’ in Being. Following this, there will be another two days of formal Satsang with two Satsangs each day. We have found this format to be highly beneficial for one to deepen in understanding and emerge inside the Being.

We will move in silence throughout the entire retreat and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout each day for introspection while enjoying the many contemplative areas that are to be found on the land. Other activities during the retreat include morning forest walks, guided meditations, bhajans and laughing yoga, all re-directing the mind to its natural state and source.


Emptiness is the vastest kingdom, rarely discovered, and yet it is the ultimate resting place for all beings.

~ Mooji
  • All retreat participants agree to respect and abide by the code of silence for the full period of the retreat. Moojibaba honours and serves our true desire and determination for complete Self-discovery.
  • Please be aware that satsangs can be as long as 3 hours.
  • It is absolutely necessary to approach this retreat with the understanding this is for Truth. It is not a casual event. As such, and out of respect to our great Master, you agree to not leave the Satsang Hall before Moojibaba does other than for necessity.
  • Satsang offers the opportunity to present our questions, doubts, testimonies and observations to Moojibaba. We are highly encouraged to be open, honest and natural with him.
  • Please move quietly with your attention resting in silent awareness. It is required that there be strictly no socialising, no physical or eye contact, talking, singing, dancing, reading, writing or use of phones or the internet during the retreat. This is to ensure that the attention is not pulled outwardly but remains in the heart’s energy field.
  • If you are attending the retreat with a partner or friend, you agree to not communicate with each other during the period of the retreat. Moojibaba encourages you to respect the Satsang of your loved ones and the other retreat participants by making use of this opportunity to remain alone in your own silence.
  • You are required to abstain from taking alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants except for medication prescribed by your doctor.
  • By admission to this event with Mooji you agree to have your image and voice recorded which may be used for the sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3 and the Internet. All recorded material will only be used to serve and share Satsang; images and recordings of all individuals are treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.
  • All participants are required to attend the entire retreat. No exceptions.
  • The retreat is not a replacement for any medical treatment or therapy you may be receiving for mental health. If you are currently receiving treatment please check with your mental health care practitioner before registering to establish whether or not this retreat is suitable for you at this time.
  • It is required that those wishing to register for this retreat watch these two videos before processing their application: A Simple and Profound Introduction to Self-Inquiry and A Most Important Video on Enlightenment.

Dress Code

We ask you to dress modestly, keeping an ashram-style code of conduct.

For women:

  • No revealing, see-through or tight clothes.
  • Chest and shoulders need to be covered; scarves and shawls are good for this, especially in warmer weather.

For men:

  • Please do not wear shorts or singlet tops (sleeveless or tank tops).

Lifestyle and Terrain at Monte Sahaja

Monte Sahaja is a beautiful land in the heart of rural Alentejo, the least populated region of southern Portugal. In 2011, when it was acquired by Moojibaba and some of the Sangha, no one had lived there for over two decades and it was wild. Immediately, the Master and his devotees put their hearts and hands to work to clear, clean, shape and build the ashram we now call Monte Sahaja–Monte meaning ‘hill’, and Sahaja meaning ‘the natural state of being’. The ashram, while still a work-in-progress, is an immensely loving and supportive environment for contemplation and introspective self-inquiry. It encourages clear understanding and direct experience of our true nature as unborn Awareness.

Monte Sahaja is extremely beautiful with its spectacular views, varied vegetation, hills and valleys hosting large numbers of cork oak, olive, fig, pomegranate and medronho trees and various exotic plants. The small lake offers a cool contrast to the heat of summertime. There are several contemplative areas spread over the land. Each of these unique spots has been lovingly designed and built with Mooji’s hands and guidance. In fact, the Master’s vision and presence pervades and permeates every creative expression on the land.

One must be reasonably fit to move around during one’s stay at Monte Sahaja. There are many natural earth paths throughout the land and many scenic walks. In general, everyone who stays at Monte Sahaja leaves the land much fitter than when they arrive.

While Monte Sahaja has many peaceful, shaded contemplative areas, this region is known for its hot and dry summers with temperatures rising as high as 38°C during the day and nights as cool as 10°C. During winter, temperatures can fall to zero.

As Alentejo is a very dry region in the summer, water is a precious resource and we endeavour to save water wherever and whenever possible.

All toilets are a dry-composting system where the ‘flush’ is a handful of sawdust. They are easy to use and have seats like normal Western toilets.

Bucket showering is our method of showering daily. It is a good way of conserving water and is as effective as regular showers. Many participants are used to this method of showering after travelling to countries like India. First-timers adjust quickly to what initially is felt like a novel experience.

Limited Electrical Facilities

None of the rooms or tent/camper pitches on the land offer electricity or extra facilities.

Please do not bring any electrical equipment as there are no facilities to charge your personal electrical equipment.

Water is very scarce and we conserve it at all times:

  • Showers are taken using half a bucket of water once a day. Although water resources are limited, it is of course important that we all take good care of our own personal hygiene, also for the benefit of all our fellow retreat participants.
  • There are no laundry facilities at Monte Sahaja and no hand washing of clothes is allowed. Ensure that you bring enough clothes to use throughout the retreat bearing in mind that it is very hot at this time of year and you may need to change your clothes often.

Limited use of the internet

Connectivity to the internet will only be available on the first and last day of the retreat. There is strictly no internet facility during the retreat. This is vitally important to avoid distractions and keep the attention inward.

Communal bathroom facilities only

All toilets and showers are shared. There are no bathrooms attached to any of the accommodations.

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