Advanced Silent Retreat – Monte Sahaja


You have to see and meet God in this life.
Don’t let this life go by
and miss discovering the Supreme One.
You will find him inside as your constant being.

~ Mooji

Satsang with Moojibaba takes place twice each day, and may sometimes be offered as a guided Silent Sitting as feels appropriate to the flow of the retreat. There will also be one full day for self-contemplation, which is an immensely valuable and powerful time to deepen in introspection and to truly assimilate the pointings and guidance shared by Moojibaba. No satsangs will be scheduled during this special day as there will be activities to support this marinating in Being.

We will move in silence throughout the entire retreat and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout each day for introspection while enjoying the many contemplative areas that are to be found on the land. Other activities during the retreat include morning forest walks, bhajans and laughing yoga, all re-directing the mind to its natural state and source. The schedule is subject to change based on the flow and needs of the retreat.

Opening Day — Saturday, 16 June

  • Check-in will be on the train (see Travel section)
  • Welcome and Orientation meeting is at 20:00

Closing Day — Saturday, 23 June

  • The retreat ends at around 10:00
  • Departure buses leave from 11:00

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