Advanced Silent Retreat – Monte Sahaja


Please do not make any travel arrangements before having registered and received confirmation of your booking.

Arriving to Monte Sahaja – 16 June

Monte Sahaja is in a beautiful, but remote and rural part of Portugal. As there are very limited transport options, we ask that you read the following information carefully.

Flying to Portugal
You can fly into either Faro or Lisbon airport. We ask that you book your flight to arrive before 12:00 on 16 June and to depart after 18:00 on 23 June. This timing is important because it allows you to catch one of the trains that will be met by our shuttle buses at Funcheira, the train station closest to Monte Sahaja.

Train to Monte Sahaja
The best way to arrive at Monte Sahaja from Lisbon or Faro is by train. Tickets cost around €16. If you book online at least two weeks in advance, there may be a reduced rate of around €10. Train tickets can be booked online here.

From Lisbon: Go to Lisboa-Oriente train station. You can take the metro from the airport to Lisboa-Oriente (3 stops) or a taxi for around €10-12.

From Faro: Go to Faro train station. You can take a taxi for around €12-15 or take a shuttle bus (outside the airport), which runs approximately once an hour. More information here.

Bus Shuttle Service
We will have buses ready to meet certain trains from Faro and Lisbon. Our buses will meet these trains at Funcheira train station. Funcheira is a small and remote rural train station with no facilities and no fixed taxi service. It is located about halfway between Lisbon and Faro.
Please consider the train times below when searching for your arrival flight.

From Lisbon (Lisboa-Oriente train station)
Departure from
Arrival at

From Faro (Faro train station)
Departure from
Arrival at

Arriving by your Own Transportation
Please note that parking spaces are very limited in Monte Sahaja, so we ask you not to come in your own car. Being dropped off is okay. There are taxi stands at both Lisbon and Faro airports.

Taxi Prices

  • From Lisbon Airport to Monte Sahaja will cost approx. €175.
  • From Faro Airport to Monte Sahaja will cost approx. €100.
If you do choose to take a taxi to Monte Sahaja please make sure you arrive no later than 17:00 (5pm) on 16 June.

Departing from Monte Sahaja – 23 June

At the end of the retreat, we will provide buses from Monte Sahaja back to Lisbon and Faro airports. These buses are free, but you will need to let us know which bus you would like to take when you register. Please consider the following information carefully before booking your return flight.

DestinationDeparting from SahajaApproximate arrival time
at Airport
Lisbon airportFirst bus ~11:0014:00
Faro airportFirst bus ~11:3014:00

Please note that these are approximate times. We highly recommend that you book flights that leave after 18:00 on 23 June.

If you have any questions, please carefully read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section before writing to ask. This will greatly help the flow as we receive many emails.

The Lord of the universe dwells
inside the heart of every being
as unmixed presence.
This must be discovered not as mere teaching
but as direct and intuitive experience.

~ Mooji

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