Advanced Silent Retreat – Monte Sahaja

Ways to Join

There are two ways to participate in this Advanced Silent Retreat. You can come to Monte Sahaja to be in Mooji’s physical presence, or you can join the Live Internet Broadcast through Please note that if you would like to attend physically in Monte Sahaja, you must have previously attended a retreat or intensive with Moojibaba (physically or online) as this event is an Advanced Silent Retreat.

Attending physically at Monte Sahaja ~ Registration via Random Lottery
Being in the physical presence of a living Master and fully immersing yourself in the energy field of Satsang is a rare and blessed opportunity. Mooji’s loving and unfathomable presence itself can trigger transformation in one who is ripe for awakening.

Please be aware that places are limited so we will use a random lottery to allocate spaces. We have found the lottery registration process to be a relaxed and fair process, giving everyone the chance to come to a Sahaja Retreat regardless of Internet speed or capabilities.

Pricing and Lottery Entry info is below.

Joining Online via Live Internet Broadcast
If you are unable to attend physically at Monte Sahaja, joining via Live Internet Broadcast is an excellent alternative. You will have access to the daily Satsangs in real-time, as well as to any additional scheduled events such as bhajans. For Mooji there is no separation, no distance to those joining online and he sees absolutely no hindrance or disadvantage to your awakening in attending in this way. Registration is via and more information can be found here.

Regardless whether you attend in-person or online, a Silent Retreat is more than just the scheduled events, and it is essential to follow the Guidelines. This may be more of a challenge for those following online who may still need to engage in some daily activities. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you arrange plenty of quiet, contemplative time and space for yourself. The time you spend prior to and after Satsang is of utmost importance to allow the pointings to settle deeply inside your heart.

Pricing and Registration

7-day Advanced Silent Retreat at Monte Sahaja
Only those selected by random lottery are able to book a space on the retreat.
€550 – €830 EUR depending on accommodation type.
Price includes the recordings of the retreat (streaming and downloadable for 6 months).

Lottery Open: until 25 April
Lottery Draw (email sent to those selected): 26 April
Booking Open (for those selected by random lottery): 27 April-2 May

Please do not book your flight before your place at Monte Sahaja is confirmed!

Step 1: Sign up for the Random Lottery Until 25 April you will have the opportunity to enter your name in the lottery which will randomly select who can book to attend physically at Monte Sahaja. If you are selected by the lottery you will receive a confirmation email on 26 April with a link to book and pay for your accommodation.

Step 2: Booking (accommodation selection) From 27 April-2 May those who are selected by the random lottery need to complete their booking. If you do not book in that time period, your place will be given to the next one on the waiting list (remaining from the random lottery). Please note that we have only limited spaces for single rooms and huts available and that most spaces on this retreat are offered for camping. This works on a first-come, first-served basis.


Before entering the lottery make sure you have carefully read the Guidelines and Terrain & Facilities section, as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions (including cancellation policy) to be sure this retreat is suitable for you. Please be aware that the tickets for this event are non-transferable and cannot be passed on to be used by another person.

7-day Online Retreat via live Internet broadcast
£110 GBP (Early bird price of £85 until 10 May, 2018)


Price includes the recordings of the retreat (streaming and downloadable for 6 months). You can find out more about joining the retreat via the live broadcast here.

As mind merges in the heart, true understanding awakens.
You are the invisible inside the visible,
the unmoving inside all movements.
Like space moving in space,
glowing inside a thin skin called a human being.

~ Mooji

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