A Masterpiece or the Master’s Peace?

6 May, 2018 | 2:00:50

Tea Satsang with Mooji

Broadcast live from Monte Sahaja, Portugal
Sunday, 6 May 2018

During this Tea Satsang, Mooji gets the chance to read some of the many letters he receives from people all over the world.

‘My life feels like a terrible movie that I cannot bear to watch, how do I get over this, and make it into a masterpiece?’

Well, do you want a masterpiece, or the Master’s peace?

“Just a little taste of that awakening in you brings you more joy than perhaps you’ve ever experienced in your whole life. Each one of you is the Self, and for anyone who can come to Satsang and feel this pointing, then to you this understanding belongs.”

Music after Satsang: “Oh God” by Stefan Stistrup, performed by Stefan & Martin Rixen
(More music by Stefan: