An Invitation From Person to Presence — Interview with Johnny Wilkinson

20 Jul, 2023 | 1:15:18 | Essential Pointers

In this illuminating conversation, Moojibaba and Jonny Wilkinson delve into the true nature of our being, the quest for freedom, and the power of letting go. After a long and successful career as a rugby player, Jonny turned to exploring Self realisation, and we are very happy to share this uplifting interview.

“If there’s a shift, it’s like a shift from person to presence. As you come more into presence and you begin to honor the presence, life becomes so much richer and broader in all its scope. All the antics of the person will gradually yield to the wiser being and you will know actually that within itself it is limitless and imperishable.”

Johnny Wilkinson “I Am” podcast

Interview Bonus — Moojibaba’s Story

17 May 2023
Monte Sahaja, Portugal