An Invitation to Freedom

11 Apr, 2018 | 26:45 | The Invitation Toolkit

“You are this Self, dreaming you are this person.

As you continue to confirm these things, you will see that automatically, spontaneously, the understanding of this is blessing every aspect of your expression. In your dynamic life, you will find that all this movement is arising in the unmoving. That is the outcome of the pointers of Sri Ramana Maharshi, and every sage, every jnani who has seen. This jnani principle is your own Self, actually.

The person is merely a mask, a shadow, of the Self.”


This talk is an excerpt from the Satsang, “The Invitation — The One Who Follows Will Find”
Available on Mooji.TV

Recorded on 26 January 2020 in Tiruvannamalai, India