An Invitation to Freedom ~ Monte Sahaja 2022

11 Apr, 2022 | 23:31 | Exercises and Guidances | The Invitation Toolkit

Moojibaba presents a powerful yet simple exercise — An Invitation to Freedom. This distilled and direct guidance takes us directly into the recognition of our timeless Being.

The Invitation is the very heart and essence of Satsang with Mooji, having arisen spontaneously in Mooji after many years of guiding seekers of Truth. This guided seeing is supported by all of Moojibaba’s teachings, which help to clarify doubts and guide through any unexpected resistances that may arise. Those who are familiar with the Invitation are encouraged to listen as though you are hearing it for the first time.

“This is the Self. It is not perceived with the eyes or the senses. It is not imagined. It is not a belief, but a direct knowing. Inseparable. Indivisible. Without beginning or end.

I bless that grace will continue to shine within your heart, that in this life, we transcend the limitations of personhood and find that alone which is eternal and everlasting. Amen.”

2 April 2022
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


The full version of this Satsang is available on Sahaja Express here.

We also recommend the Invitation Toolkit, a selection of Satsang excerpts which address some of the questions, doubts, insights and experiences that may arise when following the powerful guidance offered in the Invitation.