Arunachala Shiva Om

18 Apr, 2022 | 10:58 | Chant Sahaja

Sung by Mahababa and Chant Sahaja

Arunachala Shiva Om is a devotional chant filled with deep gratitude, in praise of the Supreme Self—Shiva Being—formless pure consciousness in which all manifestation arises, dances and subsides.


Arunachala Shiva Om

Om Namah Shivaya

Arunachala Shiva Arunachala Shiva
Arunachala Shiva Om

Mahababa – Lead Vocals & Harmonium
Samadhi – Vocals & Manjira
Mohan – Vocals, Manjira & Khartal
Thor – Dholak


Chant Sahaja is authentic, traditional chants and bhajans from Mooji’s sangha in Monte Sahaja, Portugal. This live kirtan, a joyful call and response singing of different names of God—the Supreme Self—carries us back into the silence of our Being.

Chanting bhajans, reciting mantras, praying and singing praises to the Supreme are effortless yet powerful ways to surrender the ego and merge with God. Chant Sahaja arises from the heart of Moojibaba’s Satsang and is imbued with his grace and presence. It is our great joy to share this offering of love with you.