Be in the ‘I’ of the Storm

19 Apr, 2020 | 10:22 | Mooji Answers | Transcending Mind Storms

Mooji responds to a questioner who writes, ‘Please guide me how to be when fear completely takes over.’

“The ‘I’ of the storm is the stillness that you naturally are. A storm is going on, when you’re in the midst of your tsunami, you are still very present — there is something in you which remains unchanging. At the end of the storm, you are still there, storm has passed. There is an ‘I’-sense within you which is serene and still before the storm, during the storm, and at the end of the storm.

Who am I speaking about when I say ‘you’? In my eyes, you are consciousness. Consciousness cannot be blown around by storms.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
8 April 2020