Begin Discovering Your True Self Today ~ DON’T MISS This Simple Guided Meditation

27 Mar, 2020 | 42:08 | Guided Meditations & Silent Sittings

Moojibaba invites us to use this time when many around the world are in self-quarantine for the highest aim: to discover the peace and harmony of our true nature.

“Amongst all the activities that we do, we rarely give enough time to sit quietly by ourselves. I would like to introduce to you not just to sit alone, but to guide you into your inner Being.

What you truly are is not merely what we think we are, not merely what we have been brought up to believe we are. Actually, surprisingly, beautifully, we discover a level of peace and natural well-being-ness, joy, and silence. And right here in the depth of our Self, a great calmness you will discover.

This, that we are going to discover today, you will see that it is always here. That is the most wonderful thing about this.”

23 March 2020
Monte Sahaja, Portugal