Bholenath & Nurit – Seven Names of God

2 Jun, 2022 | 08:11 | Sangha Music

“Seven Names of God” by Meher Baba, performed by Bholenath, Nurit & Thor in Monte Sahaja, Portugal on 18th March 2022.

This prayer-song-chant was composed by the great Indian mystic Sri Meher Baba.
The Sage refers to God as the unity of Being , beyond all religious and cultural distinctions.

~Hari Paramatma Allah Ahurmazda God Yazdan Hu~
Hari: another name of Lord Vishnu
Paramatma: Supreme Soul
Allah: God
Ahrumazda: Name of God’s attribute of life and wisdom in Zoroastrian religion
God: The Supreme Being
Yazdan: “worthy of worship”
Hu: the name of God in Sufism


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