Blue Lotus – Don’t You Worry About a Thing

23 Sep, 2022 | 05:30 | Sangha Music

“Don’t You Worry About a Thing” by Blue Lotus
This song is available on the ‘Blue Lotus’ EP.

“Don’t You Worry About a Thing” was written in Monte Sahaja and was inspired by a satsang where Moojibaba says this to one of his students, “Everything is okay. The most important thing can never leave you. Don’t worry about a thing, man.” He then playfully encourages the Blue Lotus band to write a song called, “Don’t You Worry About a Thing”!

The songs on the newly released ‘Blue Lotus’ EP were all composed and recorded in Monte Sahaja. These fresh songs are in reverence and gratitude to the Truth Moojibaba points to. You can find the full EP here.


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