Confirm this Over and Over Until It’s Over!

4 Oct, 2014 | 34:55

Just before leaving Rishikesh, Mooji encourages everyone to take advantage of his upcoming resting period by fully digesting and assimilating in the Heart what he has been pointing to.
“While Mooji’s resting, you go inside with what you’ve heard. You don’t have to go inside deep, deep, deep — there’s no deep, deep, deep! You just have to go inside and prove to yourself that all the things you experience, all that you see, it’s time-bound, including the idea you have of who you are. But what watches all of this? Does that belong to time? Can time touch that One? And you’ll see that even time is in front of that One. When you see this, you must confirm over, and over, and over, and over, and over until it is over!
So that in any circumstances in life, you are the Self. The scenes will change, but the seer is unchanging.”

Music: Ganapati Om by Omkara and Shivaratri Cafe