Dis-identify and Observe How Harmoniously Life Unfolds

2 Aug, 2023 | 21:25 | Essential Pointers

This must-watch satsang is at the very heart of Moojibaba’s pointings. By remaining as the detached witness we are able to observe the mind and all its tricks which are appearing on the screen of consciousness.

Our work is simply to remain as awareness no matter what appears on the screen. Like this, the mind’s power diminishes and peace is experienced effortlessly.

“Mind is producing different scenarios all the time. But at the place I speak from, it doesn’t matter where you go, on the bus, on the train, on the airplane, on a rock. It doesn’t matter. It’s still the same. This is why I say, nothing else is really so much my teaching.

We are not going to be afraid of the darkness, because when the darkness comes, it only helps to polish our brightness.”

27 July 2023
Monte Sahaja, Portugal