“Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?”

11 Oct, 2017 | 07:44 | Walk with Moojibaba

Walk with Moojibaba

In this beautiful and very clarifying Satsang Sri Mooji speaks about the importance of a spiritual teacher and how to recognise if a teacher is right for you.

“The mind is very cunning and it is homegrown as well. It seems to know where your weaknesses are—we always tend to back away when we come to any point which feels like it’s going to be painful.

A teacher can guide you through those moments in a way that is safe and powerful, so if you can find a teacher or someone with whom you resonate then follow them, at least while your association reaps the fruit which helps you to be more calm and more centred and experiencing from the heart.”

Music: “Moojiji Show Me the Way” by Dawid Oswal