Do You Know That You Can Be Happy Always?

15 Sep, 2017 | 05:33 | Retreat Highlights

“Do you know that you can be always happy? Not by ‘trying to be happy.’ You can always be happy. Even so immense is your natural happiness that there’s room for even some sadness to come. But it doesn’t mask your happiness.

You have to really really believe in something, you must have some extra skill to believe you are unhappy. Because the being by nature is joy, by nature it’s joy like it’s the nature of the flower to smell beautiful. The nature of Self is happiness and lightness of being, joy, openness.

Thank God for Satsang, it’s bringing you back into your joy. Into your beauty and grace… This is the cake you are!”


This is an excerpt from the August 2017 Monte Sahaja Silent Retreat.