Don’t Be a Person — Be Your Self

7 Dec, 2014 | 14:48

To live a life without having any fundamental expectations of anybody. This is a great freedom. You find you are almost un-shockable because something inside has switched off the button of how things should be.
Our inmost Being yearns for this freedom again. Don’t get ahead of yourself preparing things, you move in your own way. Whatever the life force expresses in terms of the dynamic expressions of life – let it be there.

A video extract from the Satsang DVD ‘Take the Bullet of Understanding’ Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
30 May 2014 Session 1
The full Satsang recording is available as downloadable video (mp4) and audio (mp3) in the Mooji Satsang Shop

Music: ‘Pathless Path’ by Omkara from the album ‘Let Nothing Remain’