Don’t Embrace Truth — Merge With It

13 May, 2018 | 2:48:00

Sunday Satsang with Mooji
Broadcast live from Monte Sahaja, Portugal
13 May 2018

During this Sunday Satsang, Moojibaba sheds light on a a wide variety of subjects. Mooji demonstrates how to overcome the force of resistance to what is true, and speaks of the value of hidden tendencies surfacing during one’s practice, and about the difference of being in life as a person, or as presence.

“Here, beings are given the space to really look, not just to experiment, but to really look and discover the power and the beauty of true human life. And the more that you are established in your own heart, then it is not that you have to say so much. Your very presence is your message.”

Music after Satsang: Karuna improvisation on Duduk (Armenian flute).
More of this music on album The Calling by Karuna