Dwell Inside Your Own Presence

6 Jun, 2023 | 20:43

Moojibaba’s emphasis in this talk is on the importance of observing thoughts and sensations with detachment. From the stillness of the detached witness, peace and harmony infuse all of our daily interactions.

“The whole world is like a passing show. When you’re still, you gradually begin to feel the full power of your presence. It resonates like peace, like a solid peace, a well beingness, joy, silent, content, happy, not happy about, just happy. Happiness is your nature.”

19 March 2023
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


As you may know, there will be a 3-day Online Awakening Intensive with Mooji taking place on 23-25 June, for mature seekers who have been in Satsang for some time and are familiar with An Invitation to Freedom and what it reveals in you.

This is a powerful satsang intensive that offers five Satsangs over the course of three days, reflecting Moojibaba’s wish to engage with dedicated students who are ready to apply the guidance offered.

Find out more about the Online Intensive here