For Many, These Are Perhaps the Most Important Conversations on the Planet Right Now

27 Oct, 2019 | 2:58:34 | Retreat Highlights

In this wide-ranging Satsang from the Zmar silent retreat, Moojibaba takes a variety of questions and uses each one as an opportunity to point us to our deeper nature, and clarify the relationship between ego, mind, and the true Self. These discussions highlight the universal themes which human beings must navigate to find their own inner harmony and stillness in the midst of whatever situations life might present.

Mooji had the following to say about the chosen title for this Satsang:

“We are constantly speaking about problems and their solutions as being something external, but it is our experience that human beings must first change from the inside to find within themselves the capacity to be truly universal. 

Everybody may not agree, but we have found that it is only through this universal understanding that we can work for harmony in the world.”

25 October 2019 | Morning Satsang
‘Second’ Zmar Silent Retreat

Live music after Satsang: “Thank You” by Tara & Nirmal, performed by Tara, Nirmal & Santosh