Freedom at the Eleventh Hour

31 May, 2020 | 51:43

In this must-see freedom Satsang, Moojibaba brings our attention from the mind state into the direct experience of our true being.

“Becoming yourself is the best deal in the world. Simply see and transcend the tendencies which keep us time bound, shape bound, when you can remain shapeless and unbound.

If Satsang is a success for you, the emphasis should not be that you learn something, but more that it brought you back to your emptiness. This is really the purest, groundless ground, from which I can really relate authentically with who I know you to be.”

27 May 2020
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


Watch the full version of this talk on Sahaja Express here.

Music after Satsang: “One Love” by Bholenath
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