*FULL SONG* ~ NEW MUSIC ALBUM ~ SHUNYAM BY RADHA ~ Twameva Mata Cha Pita Twameva

28 May, 2021 | 06:47 | Sangha Music

‘Shunyam’ is a collection of beautiful renditions of some of the most loved and well-known songs and chants of India, sung by Radha. ‘Shunyam’ means divine emptiness, or zero, and Radha’s voice is a pure reflection of this, carrying a mystical and angelic quality that arises from stillness and brings one to stillness.

The eight songs on Shunyam feature flute, duduk, cello, violin, piano and guitar combined with ancient melodies and chants that are a delight for both the western and eastern ear. Shunyam is sublimely pure, effortlessly captivating and opens a doorway to one’s very own Heart.

Available in the Mooji Sangha Shop with a lyrics booklet featuring Mooji’s handwriting, stunning imagery and the translation of these chants.

Also available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, and other major retailers and streaming services.

Mooji Mala Music emanates from Heart Satsangs with Mooji.
It is true soul music that uplifts the spirit and fills the heart with love and joy. Enjoy!

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