Gotama – Shiva Nataraj & Beloved One (Instrumental)

25 Nov, 2020 | 12:58 | Sangha Music

“Shiva Nataraj” (by Gotama) & “Beloved One” (by Krishna Prasad) performed by Gotama at the beginning of the Satsang “It’s Too Simple! — I Accept That Complaint” on 15 June 2019 in Lisbon.

“Shiva Nataraj” was inspired by a metaphor told by Mooji about Atlas (from Greek mythology) who carries the weight of the whole world on his shoulders and Shiva Nataraj who—on the other hand—dances on top of the world.

“Shiva Nataraj” is available on the album ‘The Polar Star‘ by Gotama.

“Beloved One” is available on the album ‘Beloved One‘ by Krishna Prasad.

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