Guided Meditation — The Immensity of Being

11 Aug, 2020 | 04:54 | Guided Meditations & Silent Sittings

In this short and powerful spontaneous guidance, Mooji reminds us we are awareness itself; that our sense of personhood with all its history, memories, desires and attachments is simply the illusory play of the mind. He encourages us to keep opening up, letting go, staying empty, light and free.

“The one who knows the Self is the Self
Whatever is the state of the body-mind,
The ever-perfect one is in the heart of you.
It is your truest truth, your only constant.”
~ Mooji


This audio is an excerpt from the Guided Meditation “Remarkably, the Ever-Perfect One is Your Self,” available in the Mooji Sangha Shop on the album “The Immensity of Being”.