Guru Charanam

28 Apr, 2022 | 09:44 | Chant Sahaja

Sung by Mahababa and Chant Sahaja

The powerful mantras at the beginning of this chant serve as prayers to Lord Shiva to relieve us and protect us from worldly desires, the bondage of delusion and the cycle of birth and death. Next come the verses in praise and honour of the Guru who manifests in form to guide us to the discovery of our true nature, and the Satguru, the formless one who guides us from within.

Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya mamritat

Ye te sahasra mayutam pasha mrityo martyaya hantave
Tan yagyasya mayaya sarvanava yajamahe
mrityave svaha mrityave svaha

Guru Charanam Bhaj Guru Charanam
Satguru Charanam Hari Sharanam

Manas Bhaj Re Guru Charanam
Bhaj Re Manas Guru Charanam
Dustar Bhava Sagar Taranam
Satguru Charanam Bhav Haranam

Guru Maharaj Guru Jai Jai
Parabrahma Satguru Jai Jai

Om Namah Shivay

Jai Jai Jai Gurudev
Om Sahaja Shiva

Bhagavan Ram Ki Jai
Sita Ma Ki Jai
Hanuman Ki Jai
Bhagavan Krishna Ki Jai
Sri Radhe Ki Jai
Mahadev Ki Jai
Shankar Mahadev Ki Jai
Har Har Mahadev Ki Jai
Mata Parvati Ki Jai
Mata Mahalakshmi Ki Jai
Mata Saraswati Ki Jai
Durga Ma Ki Jai
Kali Ma Ki Jai
Sab Santan Ki Jai
Sab Bhaktan Ki Jai
Mata Pita Ki Jai
Bandhu Sakha Ki Jai
Guru Nam Ki Jai
Ram Nam Ki Jai
Sahaja Dham Ki Jai
Sahaja Dham Ki Jai
Om Sri Satugurudev Maharaj
Moojibaba Ki Jai

Om Satgurudev Maharaj
Moojibaba Ki Jai

Mahababa – Lead Vocals & Harmonium
Samadhi – Vocals & Manjira
Mohan – Vocals & Khartal Stick
Thor – Dholak


Chant Sahaja is authentic, traditional chants and bhajans from Mooji’s sangha in Monte Sahaja, Portugal. This live kirtan, a joyful call and response singing of different names of God—the Supreme Self—carries us back into the silence of our Being.

Chanting bhajans, reciting mantras, praying and singing praises to the Supreme are effortless yet powerful ways to surrender the ego and merge with God. Chant Sahaja arises from the heart of Moojibaba’s Satsang and is imbued with his grace and presence. It is our great joy to share this offering of love with you.