Guru Meri Puja

31 May, 2022 | 05:26 | Chant Sahaja

Sung by Mohan and Chant Sahaja

Guru Meri Puja is a traditional, loving chant in praise and honour of the Guru who manifests in form to guide us to the discovery of our true nature, and the Satguru, the formless one who guides us from within. It reveres the many forms, aspects and services the Guru renders to each of us seeking the Truth.

Guru Meri Puja Guru Govind
Guru mera Parabrahma
Guru Bhagwant

Guru mera Ram guru mera Shyam
Sab din japun main satguru naam

Guru mera gyan, guru mera dhyan
Guru Parmeshwar Param Bhagavan

Guru mera deva Shiva Mahadeva
Satguru charano me mile Hari seva

Mohan – Lead Vocals & Harmonium
Mahababa – Vocals & Manjira
Samadhi – Vocals & Manjira
Thor – Dholak


Chant Sahaja is authentic, traditional chants and bhajans from Mooji’s sangha in Monte Sahaja, Portugal. This live kirtan, a joyful call and response singing of different names of God—the Supreme Self—carries us back into the silence of our Being.