“How Can I Transcend My Fear of Evil Spirits?”

16 Dec, 2016 | 09:07 | Mooji Answers

In this short clip, Moojibaba responds to a letter about fear of evil spirits. The questioner worries that if she meditates and empties her mind she will become vulnerable to evil spirits. Moojibaba responds:

This fear is from the mind, that when you go beyond the mind you come into a vulnerable state, this is not true. You don’t come into a naive state, you come into an innocent state, and that is very powerful.

The mind that is so much identified with the person is quick to feel fear, but you have to be strong. If you come to Satsang with me, you have to be strong. You must follow the pointing and discover your real Self—when you discover your real Self, you can never be weak. Fear can come, but it cannot grow, because you are not cultivating these qualities anymore.