If You Hear These Words Inside Your Heart, You Are Free Today

3 Nov, 2019 | 1:00:22 | Retreat Highlights

In these closing words of the Zmar Silent Retreat, Moojibaba reads a letter which opens up a deep looking into the nature of pure consciousness, ‘I Am’ presence, and the arising in consciousness of the conditioned person.

Moojibaba explores in depth the difference between ‘Nirguna Brahman’ — God without attributes, absolute awareness — and ‘Saguna Brahman’ — God with attributes, the divine Presence.

“We love to taste the honey, but we don’t want to be the honey. Here, you are tasting the honey, and you are also the honey. We are running out of words. Though speaking, when I speak of Nirguna, it is wordless, there are no concepts. It is really what you are.

This is a communication from heart to heart in the presence of the Absolute.”

26 October 2019 | Closing Words
‘Second’ Zmar Silent Retreat