I’m Showing You a New Exercise: ‘I’-Watching

28 Feb, 2019 | 2:12:16 | Rishikesh 2019

28 February 2019
Rishikesh, India

Moojibaba points very directly to our natural and effortless power to observe. He guides us to see that even in the highest pulsation of identity, there is a natural awareness of this, and guides us to stay as the detached observer.

As the Satsang deepens, Mooji offers a simple yet significant pointer to watch our ‘I’- sense and reveals how through sober looking we come to a great expanse of being. This Satsang is immensely rich and points so powerfully to the liberation in us.

“What I’m saying to you now, I hope you can recognise and prove into yourself. I’m going to show you a new exercise – it’s called ‘I’ watching. Watch your ‘I’ – sense.

It is here that you begin to recognise that what is and what you are is one and you spontaneously know that what you are is imperishable. For some of you, from the place you’ve come, you cannot go back.”


Music before Satsang: Improvisation on Bamboo Clarinet & Handpan by Jen Siah & Benno Sinkwitz

Music after Satsang: “White Fire” by Prem Leela (the album Live in Monte Sahaja by Prem Leela will be available in March 2019)