“In Demanding Times, How Can I Let Life Take Care of Life?”

19 Apr, 2020 | 20:41 | Family, Work & Daily Life | Mooji Answers

Mooji answers the question: how can we let ‘life take care of life’ when faced with problems or situations which seem to demand a strong response, and provoke a strong sense of ‘doership’?

Mooji uses this question as an opportunity to look into the nature of personhood and personal identity, which seem to mask the realisation of our natural and effortless being-ness.

“Personal identity rarely solves things. To really solve things, in the highest way, you have to become less personal. The more personal you take life, the more complex it can become. For the best result, you have to step out of your own way.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
2 April 2020