Just Contemplate This One Thing and Win Your Eternal Existence

29 Dec, 2019 | 45:39

In this clear and penetrating talk, Mooji guides us into his core pointing — can there be personal problems without personal identity? And can the personal identity continue to cause trouble when we discover our true nature as impersonal awareness?

“If you go and you’re only the consciousness, can your mind trouble you in Satsang? Isn’t there something significant in this? If you were told just to come to the fullness of that understanding completely, earn your time here completely, and you are liberated… how much more help do you need than this? Is it a work you can do by yourself?

Reflect on what I’ve just talked about, and you’ll find you have the happiest day today.”

13 November 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

You can watch the Satsang which followed this talk the next day here.