Keep a Royal Distance From Your Thoughts

2 Apr, 2020 | 09:50 | Walk with Moojibaba | Transcending Mind Storms

Walk with Moojibaba

A very special talk with Moojibaba where he encounters a friend on a morning walk and looks with him at how to overcome mind attacks.

“Pay attention to your self — you are before the mind’s running about. Don’t judge yourself with your thoughts, but when they come, if you hold onto them then you create a relationship and an identity with them… So it’s good to be aware of thoughts, make use of them, but keep your royal distance from them, don’t identify.

This is the one thing you have to overcome, to transcend in life, and that is your mind attachment, your belief in the mind. It’s only that you have to overcome.”

23 March 2020
Monte Sahaja, Portugal