Krishnabai & Govinda – The Crown On My Head

13 Jul, 2022 | 05:54 | Sangha Music

“The Crown On My Head”, lyrics inspired by a Rumi poem (untitled), music by Govinda. Performed by Krishnabai, Govinda, Lluis Martinez Ten & Gotama on 29th January, 2022.

Happy Guru Purnima Day!
Guru Purnima is a most auspicious day of celebration, honouring and expressing our deep gratitude for the immense blessing of the Guru. The word ‘Guru’ means ‘the dispeller of darkness’ and such a one is a light unto this world. We embrace this day to acknowledge our great fortune of sharing this lifetime with our beloved Moojibaba.

The song “The Crown On My Head” is inspired a Rumi poem which honours and reveres the living presence of God that permeates all things. The poem also reveals how much Rumi values the inner and outer Guru, expressed here in an excerpt from the poem:

I bow to you, for the dust of your feet
Is the crown on my head
And as I walk towards you
Every step I take is a blessing.

His form appeared before me, just now as I was
singing this poem
I swear
What a blessing! What a blessing!
Every vision born of earth is fleeting
Every vision born of heaven is a blessing
For people, the sight of spring warms their hearts
For fish, the rhythm of the ocean is a blessing
The brilliant sun that shines in every heart
For the heaven’s earth and all creatures
What a blessing!

More about Guru Purnima:

“What is the significance of Guru Purnima day? It is to be reminded of and be one with the inner guru, the Satguru inside our heart—the true heart of being. The Satguru is formless but appears with form only to remind us of the inner, eternal Satguru, our timeless and unborn Reality.

All that exists is only the Supreme Lord of the Universe; with form, he is known by various names but is ever the unchanging One. For those who contemplate, He is discovered as pure and formless awareness within. The true purpose and opportunity of the human experience is to discover this and find true and lasting freedom. Know that this is possible.
I love you all as my own Self.”
~ Moojibaba


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