Leave All This Alone and Silence Will Come and Kiss You

24 Oct, 2018 | 21:22 | Retreat Highlights

Moojibaba reads a letter from someone who writes that they cannot observe their thoughts, but continue to get overwhelmed. Mooji uses this opportunity for a powerful guidance to look and find out who this ‘me’ is, that gets overwhelmed by thoughts. This mistaken identity must be recognised as the root of these states of confusion and delusion.

“This mistake humanity has not discovered. Otherwise you would not be so easily destabilised as a feeling, you could watch it, this also will pass. It comes, it goes. If you were identical with it, when it goes you would also be gone. Who are you who witnesses even this?

Where have you come from, where can you go?

This is a pointer you should not ignore, you will not have another question. You must go and get in your sleeping bag and marinate in this. You must see, you must see, you must see until you conquer this delusion. Recognising this is worth a million points.

This is the very key of transcending.”


30 September 2018
Zmar, Portugal

Excerpt from the Satsang: Love For You Became My Ticket to Freedom