Let Our Will Be For Truth and Freedom

31 Dec, 2023 | 1:31:29

My message is not complex!

Put your attention in being-ness through the sitting exercise, and through prayer, you must now come for freedom.

5 min

“I’ve been following the exercise but I don’t feel I can keep my attention in being-ness”

Your will and attention is important — it brings the light of consciousness in. It’s good that the mind is struggling, the arrogance of personhood is shrinking. Grace will kick in and is with you! The exercise is not for your pure Self. It’s to neutralise the effects and toxic-ness of personhood and mind. 

8 min

“By sitting with you, the urge to persist gets stronger.”

Yes, at the beginning you have to push a little, to push-start takes effort. Then as you drive, you get re-charged more and more. Push to come over the hill of ego. 

5 min

How are we spending our Now?

Your life and your consciousness is Now. So when we talk about our troubles, that is what you are putting into your Now. What is your Now without these things? We are not here for questions and answers, it has to be question and discovery.

7 min

“I’ve been hustling and bustling all my life, but now that I’m sitting my life is changing”

We can see the evidence of the sitting exercise in our everyday life. And through experience confirm more and more that life takes care of life. 

7 min

You don’t need to explain how it works, just sit down.

We have to break through this apathy and resistance and see how quickly the fruits grow. We are encouraged from our own being and the spaciousness that is growing in us. In the power of presence all your plans dissolve. Your power is in your Now. 

6 min

The Supreme does not keep a count of your failures

You might be struggling with the exercise, but be assured your so called failures do not count. The Supreme does not hold them against you. Everything is getting washed out, just stay with it. And watch how your life becomes miraculous.

10 min

“At the beginning of the exercise a prayer comes: merge me with you completely”

Even the highest prayer is being observed in the emptiness of your being. Prayer for most means two. Slip behind in this, there is no ‘I’ and ‘You’, everything is resolved. There is a time for everything: for prayer, for sitting, and a time when you have to go beyond all of that. There is a silence here that doesn’t fit into any category. 

6 min

“This silence transforms my whole day”

All these assessments around the exercise melt away and there is no ‘I’ living in this Silence. Moojibaba’s word are an upliftment to all seekers: The core of you is the Supreme.

12 min

“It’s still Yes. If I’m not ready, please make me ready”

Which part of you could be “not ready”? It could only be your mind and person. You might be feel like you have to give up everything. You will not regret waking up! You guys don’t realise how much fun it is to walk with God, to sit inside your heart. 

6 min

“Sometimes I feel very sure of myself, but then a lot comes up”

It’s not a statement arising from the emptiness or the vastness, it’s definitely arising from a certain character. If you say, ‘I need your help,’ that help will come. Your heart is the main door. It’s not going to come as techniques — something is just lifted off you.

13 min