Mahima – I’m Just Free (Serenna’s Song)

16 Jun, 2021 | 05:46 | Sangha Music

“I’m Just Free” by Mahima, performed by Mahima (vocals), Gotama (piano) and Sri Ram (saxophone)

This joyful song was inspired by a conversation that Mahima had with her granddaughter Serenna.
Serenna was questioning her identity and so her parents asked Mahima for guidance. This song, “I’m Just Free” emerged as a response to say that we none of these identities or conditionings that we pick up along the way. Throw it all out, and remain happy and free!

“This song is dedicated to Serenna, to all the little children and all the big children in the world. Blessing and love. Immense and enormous gratitude to Moojibaba for guiding this heart home. All my love.” ​~Mahima

I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m not brown, I’m not pink, I’m not yellow or green,
I’m just free, not yellow or red, I’m just me.

I’m not one, I’m not two, I’m not three.
I’m just free, I’m just me, I’m just happy to be, I’m just me.

I see the clouds passing by, my heart wide open like the big blue sky.
I’m just me, I’m just free, Happy to be, I’m just free.

You can look different than me, I’m not the color that you. see, inside you’re just like me.
We are free, nothing that you see, just free.
Just free, you are free, just free, we are free, free, just free.
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