Make Your Life Your Satsang

11 Aug, 2019 | 58:10

A small group meets with Mooji to clarify pointings and seeings. When a questioner brings up the idea of being outside of Satsang, Moojibaba powerfully reminds us that every moment of our lives is our Satsang, not just the formal time of looking together that takes place in the Satsang hall.

“Satsang means your life. For you, Satsang is your life. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Satsang means to be aware of your Self, aware of what is true. You’re never out of Satsang—Satsang means to continually check in when you speak, who are you representing your ‘I’ as?”

18 June 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


Mooji refers to another Satsang during this talk, which you can watch on Sahaja Express:
As the False Disappears, Happiness Shines