Monte Sahaja Has Come to Rishikesh

5 Mar, 2017 | 2:48:31

Live broadcast of Open Satsang with Mooji from Rishikesh, India.
Satsang recorded on 5 March 2017

This direct and powerful Satsang offers another beautiful opportunity from Sri Mooji to discover our true nature; putting the mind aside and to come as quickly as possible to the highest Truth. Several guided inquiries help us move to a higher ground and throw the mind out. The many tricks of the mind are exposed. Sri Mooji strongly encourages seekers to try out his methods. See if they work for you and show him the fruits.

Live piano music before Satsang by Martin Rixen. One of his pieces can be found in the Satsang Shop, and you can find out more about Martin on

Live music after Satsang by the Mumbai Sangha.