Life Cannot Die, Death Cannot Live — Mooji Answers #3 During Coronavirus

6 Apr, 2020 | 1:10:53 | Mooji Answers

“The greatness of a human being is to reflect on the purpose of being a human being. Only by being put under such a constraint or caught in such a tense experiencing will it provoke this kind of introspection. We are compelled to spend time in our own company, compelled to look inwards and to reflect on what is life about.”

What is the spiritual purpose of a virus such as coronavirus? How can we function in a challenging situation without becoming personal? What if our loved ones are sick and pass away in isolation? In this powerful letter reading session, Moojibaba continues to respond to some of the letters coming in from the ones who are in search of inner growth during these challenging times.

“I dedicate this time to Truth, to true virtue of the human being, for the upliftment of the human spirit, for guidance and inspiration at this time to the ones who need it most. We are touched by a common concern and I pray that the human spirit will expand in the most beautiful way out of these challenges today. Thank you those of you who have written in, thank you to all the medical services and government around the world. We bless and pray that we are getting the upper hand.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
2 April 2020