Remember — Your Spirit Is Pure and Eternal — Mooji Answers #2 During Coronavirus

5 Apr, 2020 | 1:16:11 | Mooji Answers

“A message of good news, good will, God’s will, God’s love, and your great being-ness.”

In this second ‘Mooji Answers’ session, Moojibaba continues where he left off, answering letters written in from all around the world during this challenging time of the coronavirus. The letters contain powerful testimonies, concerns regarding the state of humanity, and queries on how to use this time of isolation well. Mooji responds with great love to each one, reminding that from the true place, all is fine.

He ends with a short and simple guided meditation on the natural sense of being – bringing our attention back to the direct recognition of our true nature.

“My heart wants to encourage you, to remind you, that your existence is a wonderful existence, your spirit is pure and eternal. I want you not just to hear me, but to know and experience this.”

Monte Sahaja Portugal
1 April 2020