Through This Confinement You Can Be Set Free — Mooji Answers #1 During Coronavirus

4 Apr, 2020 | 1:06:25 | Mooji Answers

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many from all around the world have written letters to Moojibaba with questions, doubts and concerns arising during this challenging time, particularly in relation to the search for Truth.

This is the first session in a series of Mooji Answers videos being offered during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here, Mooji responds with great insight and love to a broad range of questions, including the stress and panic arising for some in response to the coronavirus, the fear of loneliness, self-inquiry and gratitude, and the common difficulties that may arise when meditating. He also shares how life has given this space away from the usual distractions and encourages us to see this time as a powerful opportunity to wake up to our true nature.

“I want to tell you, all that happens in the world, from the greatest to the smallest things, are somehow held in God consciousness. Don’t cling to the initial reaction from your mind that you are imprisoned. Actually I’d like you to change it and think that you are being set free to spend a little time with yourself, to examine what really is here.

Many wonderful things are going to come. I wish you all good health, and openness of heart, and a great life now, and a great life to come also, here on this Earth.“

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
1 April 2020