Find the Peace and Space Within You — Mooji Answers #5 During Coronavirus

8 Apr, 2020 | 28:34 | Mooji Answers

In this excerpt from a letter reading session, Moojibaba introduces a very powerful exercise to return the mind to its natural abode of silence and peace.

“I am here endeavouring to show you where you are apart from the traffic of thoughts and sensations and beliefs, projections and desires and attachments.

If you observe like I’m showing you, you will find ‘I am not my thoughts.’ This is an important result that you stand to gain from observing. All of us human beings would greatly benefit from becoming much more aware of what we call our true Self. As you follow my words you will see, ‘My Gosh, there is something beautiful happening here!'”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
3 April 2020

The rest of this letter reading session is available on Sahaja Express. Sahaja Express is the subscription service where Moojibaba’s more intimate spontaneous talks are shared for those who are following Satsang and Mooji’s pointings at a deeper level in their daily lives. For more information about Sahaja Express, please visit here.

Full letter reading session.

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