Mooji Baba returns to the home of his Master Papaji

16 Apr, 2016 | 24:00

Sri Mooji returns to the home of his Master, Sri Poonjaji (Papaji) for the first time since 1997. This video is a rare and very moving account of these few days in Lucknow where he visits the Master’s home and Satsang Bhavan, and includes some stories from Sri Mooji’s time there in 1993 and 1997.
It was in August of 1997 that Sri Mooji had returned to London, one month before the Master left the body.
Now, with the passing of some nineteen years, he was to stand outside the gates of the Master’s house once again. The smell of rose garlands set a mood of quiet anticipation as the last members of the visiting group arrived. The visit was a beautifully moving occasion as Moojibaba entered Papaji’s home in Indira Nagar, Lucknow. Approximately, twenty five members of Mooji Sangha accompanied him for darshan.

Bhavani, Vandita and Bharat Mitra, a close disciple and spiritual son of the Great Master, Sri Poonjaji, were instrumental in bringing Moojibaba back to Lucknow. The family of Sri Poonja received Moojibaba and his followers with great kindness.

After sharing some beautiful memories with the group, Moojibaba proceeded to the Master’s bedroom where he laid his head at the foot of the Master’s bed. Several devotees entered the room and sat in quiet reverence in the sacred space. After a short while, Sri Moojibaba, deeply moved, uttered the following words.

Just as I had the privilege to be with you,
I now bring all those that you invite through me to You
to have the privilege to sit at your feet.
Nothing is mine—all is You.
Thank you for this privilege.
May we remain always at your feet,
And inside your heart.

Beloved Father,
how privileged we are that we can be here
to sit at your lotus feet.

Master of Masters,
Bestow upon each one your full Grace.
Thank you that you have sent
your son, Bharat, to bring me here.

I Love You.

I bring with me those who you have chosen to come here.
Blessed are they who will continue to take your Darshan in this way.
I pray that they will come to know and love you as deeply as we do.
We experience that your true place is inside our hearts as the inseparable Self.
Thank you for this moment and this knowing.

Returning here I see that so many things
in the outer world have changed,
but You remain timeless and unchanging.

How blessed we are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
O Supreme One.

Though we sit here at the shrine of your earthly abode
it is You who give the inner eyes to see and feel your formlessness.
It is your eyes that we look through. Thank you for this miracle.
Your being, your heart, your loving presence,
replaces us.

Blessed is this day.

Veneration to your holy name.

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