“Mooji, How Can a Relationship Not Be Personal?”

30 Oct, 2017 | 24:04 | Relationships | Retreat Highlights

“Is it possible that in your freedom you stop being a father or mother? Do you become less? It is great that we have relatives, it is great you have a partner, if you didn’t you might think, ‘I am not attached to anything!’ How can a relationship not be personal?

Personal relationships are God designed. They reach the places other relationships cannot reach and expose your deepest fears… If you are in a genuine relationship where you are both growing, you will find a tremendous power there that contributes to each others’ growth. I find no conflict in relationships, but if you are growing as persons you are going to find more challenges. Grow in Beingness, grow in the Is-ness.

How did Krishna and Radha get on? There are examples of that love. How did it happen? Beautifully.”


This excerpt is from the Satsang “When Grace Is Here, All Miracles Happen”

Zmar Silent Retreat
26 September 2017